Supported Independent Living Program (SIL)

The Supported Independent Living Program has been running for over 20 years, and originated when clients expressed a desire for support in order that they might live in the community independently.

The goal of the SIL program is to assist clients in meeting their individual goals. Our SIL staff work closely with social service programs and related organizations to assist clients in obtaining other needed supports.

The Supported Independent Living Program addresses the following services:


  • Assisting individuals to seek and maintain suitable accommodation.
  • Providing assistance with independent living skills.


  • Assisting with application to ODSP, Ontario Works and/or other available sources of income.
  • Money management skills, for example: banking, budgeting.
  • Maintenance of sufficient funds for housing, basic needs and recreation.

Health Care:

  • Assisting individuals to seek regular health care of all types.
  • Providing transportation and support during appointments where necessary.
  • Supporting choices that promote a healthy lifestyle.


  • Providing information regarding social activities and personal interest.
  • Helping the individuals to maintain connections with family and friends.


  • Helping to connect people with appropriate services to find and maintain employment.

Case Management:

  • Ensuring continuity of service and coordination.
  • Providing ongoing follow-up and regular review of individual goals.
  • Assisting individuals to access other community services and providing help with referrals.