Community Advocacy Program

The Community Advocacy Program is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. Since 1982, Access has been a continual sponsor of the Community Advocacy Program in Northumberland County.

The primary goal of this program is to enable clients to live their lives to the fullest as independently as possible, within their community. This program is highly individualized, as the needs and strengths of each client are unique. The goal for each client is the achievement of independence; the degree achieved will vary with each individual as a result of their unique needs and levels of functioning.

The Adult Protective Services Worker provides support to their clients in the following areas:

Case Management:

Ensures continuity of services and coordination, provides ongoing follow up and information about service availability.

Money Management:

Provides short term money management training.


Locates adults receiving little or no service and connects them with appropriate community services.


Assist individuals to seek and maintain suitable accommodation.

Health Care Coordination:

Assist clients to seek care as required.

Instrumental Counselling:

This may involve the teaching of daily living skills (e.g. budget Counselling, self-care, use of transportation).

Emotional Counselling:

Where intensive or prolonged counselling is required this should be provided through existing community services.


Speaks on the behalf of adults with an intellectual disability in relation to community agencies and services, to ensure that their rights are not compromised. Community Advocacy Services are delivered mainly through a voluntary relationship with the client, as well as other relationships significant to the client.